You only live once. But Christmas comes every year. And this morning, I woke with visions of sugar cookies, decorations, Christmas cards, and gift-wrapping dancing in my head. Made my inner world spin with the sheer thought of everything that needed to be done in the next few weeks.





So I decided to go for a walk to clear the onslaught of thoughts, to hopefully put everything back into perspective.



Walking down the lane, grey-heron-139979__180on my right flank a lone gray heron swept low and quietly along the water. The long wings and elongated legs resembled some type of prehistoric creature, a stealth fighter trying to stay beneath the radar to capture its unsuspecting fish prey.




In front, squirrels played hopscotch and a game of hide-and-seek with their acorn treasures. They flitted in circles, spun up and down trees with the speed of delighted children in a playground.




To my left, odd shaped stalactite-type roots grew from the ground.





God’s creation was at work, play, and offering a sight of fascination. There was so much to enjoy, I forgot the frenzy that only an hour before had consumed my mind and had given me heartburn.





The joy of Christmas can at times get lost because of self-imposed stressors. This year as we consider the tree, trimmings, pretty packages and blinking lights why not take time to enjoy some free gifts?



Creation offers so much pleasure. It’s time to tap into what’s within our midst and lay aside the pressures.





May I suggest another way to relax, besides enjoying the grand outdoors? Fix a warm cup of hot chocolate, have a cookie and curl up with a Christmas story.



You Only Live Once so why not unwind and enjoy *Y.O.L.O. Christmas at the Corps an inspirational novella. Click here and download to your Kindle or Nook.




Or if you suggest to a friend, and they subscribe, I will send the book to you and them at no cost. What a great way to escape the stress by giving and receiving a free gift this Christmas season—it’s almost as wonderful as enjoying God’s creation. Well, almost 🙂