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I have had the privilege of meeting a few famous people in my lifetime. But one of the absolute highlights has been drinking champagne with #JackBlack on the #London Eye. We weren’t alone in our glass bubble, though.



Jack Black is well known for his role in School House Rock. He is the famous voice behind Kung Fu Panda, and has entertained audiences in #KingKong and #Goosebumps.


But how did I get the opportunity to meet one of the funniest guys in Hollywood and enjoy a bubbly sky high over the city with him?


My grand opportunity came about because of who my daughter knew. When Joni was in university she met another girl and the two became close friends. Unbeknown to Joni, this young lady was Jack’s sister.


Fast forward several years. Jack Black came to London to film King Kong and his sister was coming along with her parents. She knew that Joni was in England since we were living there at the time and invited us to join the Black family for the day.



It was rather surreal to have lunch with Jack and the man who was his stand-in. After our meal, we headed to Jack Black’s apartment to meet his wife and children. I had no idea this comedian of screen was a ‘normal’ guy with a great family. Meeting his wife and children was like being introduced to friendly next-door neighbors for the first time.






After the introductions, we were taken on an adventure in one of England’s famous black cabs.


Jack had reserved a pod on the London Eye for an hour. Finger foods and champagne were provided. His two children, wife, parents, sister and our family piled into the glass dome and we began our ascent into the sky. As we moved upward one of his children began to cry and Jack started singing, “In the jungle.” The entourage joined in and we were swept away with the party and song. And his child stopped crying.



After our ride, we took a walk along the promenade beside the Eye. Within minutes, Jack was signing autographs, exchanging jokes, and willingly taking Selfies with each of the young boys who gathered around in awe of him.

Jack Black and his family were a delight, and it was a memorable day I have often recounted.


And so it goes to prove, you don’t know the ‘real’ person under the façade of the screen or beneath someone’s fake persona until you get to know them.


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If you met her she would portray the proper behavior that comes with her position in life. Clare appears very self-assured and quite arrogant but in actuality she is quite vulnerable when an unexpected misfortune strikes. More than anything else, she wants love and security from her family and friends. Would you like to know more about Clare? Read “Bethel Manor” and then follow her story as it continues in “Bethel Manor Reborn” to be released 5.29.17.

Perhaps you have met someone famous? If so, who did you meet and what was your experience? I would love to hear your story.