Murder in the Air.

Daisy McFarland is privy to a murder while on a flight from North Carolina to England. Arriving in the U.K., the police cast suspicion on Daisy, believing her to be a potential suspect. However, an overheard conversation puts the newly retired school teacher on high alert and gives a possible clue as to who could have poisoned the hapless victim right under the noses of a jumbo jet full of passengers. Will Daisy’s quest for information lead her to the murderer, or will her inquisitiveness lead her to be the next victim?

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Writer, blogger, big on friendships, short on temper. I love dark chocolate and my heart belongs to East Anglia.

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Bethel Manor

1842: Bristol, England. James Winthrop Blackwell, abandoned as an infant at Alpheton House Orphanage, comes of age and desires to find his parents. Setting eastward from Bristol, James’s travels bring him face to face with the wealthy landowner of Bethel Manor Estate—Master Fredrick Shaw and his feisty daughter Clare. From west to east, James’s quest takes him on a profound spiritual and emotional pilgrimage. He seeks retaliation, but instead uncovers the reality of his past, the truth of God’s love, and his future at Bethel Manor Estate.

Bethel Manor Reborn

Struck with blindness after the birth of her son, Clare Shaw Blackwell struggles to cope with her loss of independence. Withdrawn into a world of darkness, she shuts out the person who wants to help her most—her husband, James. When he seeks solace at the home of a friend, an innocent liaison blossoms into something unexpected, and threatens to tear his family apart. The chronicle of the Shaw and Blackwell families continues in Bethel Manor Reborn as they struggle to heal broken relationships, offer forgiveness to an enemy who tries to destroy them, and restore their deteriorating home to its former glory.

Dying to Eat at the Pub

Dying to Eat at the Pub, set in a small English village adjacent to a U.S. military base housing both Americans and British is the perfect place for Americans Jim and Dotty Weathervane’s leisurely life after Jim’s retirement from the U.S. armed forces. This backdrop of mixed cultures is ripe for misunderstandings, cultural diversity, and perhaps even murder. Join gregarious Dotty, her novice gardener of a husband Jim, their neurotic neighbor Lillie, and a slew of locals who try their hand at solving two deaths: one an American ex-serviceman and the other a beautiful woman named Amy.

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Military Resources

Are you a part of a military family and looking for resources? Check out Bea’s military resources, available through FamilyLife.

A Series for Families

Military families face unique situations that many in the civilian world will never confront. Long separations due to deployments, and uprooting households every few years can impact the entire family and influence children through every phase of life. Defending the Military Family takes time-tested principles and spurs group and couple discussion. It is a practical way to gain insights into how to deal with issues raising children while serving in the armed forces.


Defending the Military Family

Quest: A month-long journal for children ages 6-10 to use during a parents deployment.

A Series for Couples

From her first day in Seoul, Korea, author Beatrice Fishback quickly discovered that her fairy tale military marriage was indeed just a romantic ideal. As a result of constant separations, multiple moves and three overseas assignments, she and her husband, Jim, found themselves approaching a marital impasse and ultimately, isolation. In this ten-part study, she encourages wives to love their husbands by applying the advice Paul gives in Philippians 4:8 to focus on whatever is true, honorable, righteous, lovely, of good repute, excellent, and worthy of praise.


Loving Your Military Man

Defending the Military Marriage

Tools for Communication

Facing Your Fears Prayer Card
Fears are a reality for the active duty member and their spouse. Fear is also a reality for children, parents and siblings of military members.

Reconnexion Card
For military couples to connect intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually so that can have a harmonious reunion during reintegration.

Keys to Communication Card
Three steps to keep communication open with your spouse.

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