A letter to a friend…


Dearest one,


I won’t bore you to tears with my recent woes of health issues. Suffice it to say the past few months have been a bit difficult which included a stint in the nearby hospital. I’m afraid I have given my poor husband quite a fright with these ailments, but he is a true gentleman who has taken care of me as if I were a queen. One could concentrate on the many trials during this period and how challenging the road to recovery has been.



However, this isn’t about what has passed but to inform you of the present. In recent days my energy has begun to slowly improve and short walks around the garden path have refreshed my spirit and body. But there are two things that have given me great comfort during my time of recuperation.


First, the Earl of Grey. This wonderful tonic has taken me back to days in England where cups of tea are offered for every occasion, times of grief, illness, or for a party. The bergamot of Earl Grey is particularly soothing and sipping this drink has given me consolation as if sitting with a friend.



Second, the Princess Daffodil. Her golden highlights and bright face can enter a room and cheer the most downcast of hearts. Her signal that spring is around the corner, that Easter is soon to be celebrated with Christ’s resurrection, stirs the desire for better health and days of beauty ahead.



I do believe these two should be married. Together they are quite powerful with their presence and could do the world of good as a royal pair. What say you, dear friend? Shall we announce this upcoming engagement?



Perhaps you have found other means of quiet pleasure in the midst of an illness. Could you share if this is so? I’m sure any advice would be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but many others.


In the meantime, I do pray you are well.


With kindness regards,


*** P.S. James and Clare Blackwell (“Bethel Manor”) are experiencing their own health and relationship challenges. Makes you wonder if either of them have thought to stop and enjoy a cuppa or flowers in bloom. Guess we will find out 3.29.17 when “Bethel Manor Reborn” is released by Crooked Cat Publishing.