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What happens when your “drive has dried up?”


I love fancy cars. So in watching the “#FastandFurious” films, I get the adrenaline of the drive without the danger of a potentially disastrous crash.



Sure these movies are corny, but we can learn at least FIVE lessons to help us when the “drive seems to have dried up” in fulfilling our lifelong dreams.


Consider that you are on the proverbial road heading toward your goal of writing a novel, becoming a great actor, artist or musician and you’ve run out of gas. Do you: a) speed up in hopes of overtaking the feeling? b) take your foot off the pedal and coast c) pull over and park the car, or d) watch Fast and Furious and come away with a desire to accelerate while keeping the view in perspective.


Five lessons we can learn from the films:


  • Family comes first. So what is our takeaway when our drive to succeed seems to have dried up? Sometimes our priorities get out of whack when we are on the fast lane to our destination. We need to slow down and reassess how much we’ve focused on the furious and not those we love the most. It’s okay to shift down the speed a bit.


  • Don’t compromise. When we get to crossroads, check the choices carefully and don’t compromise on why you began your adventure in the first place. Don’t let others lessen your dream by compromising what you believe and know to be true.

  • It’s okay to check the GPS periodically to stay the course. We lose direction when things don’t work out quite how we planned. Stop. Check. Recalculate.

  • What happens when you start to lose air and you are veering either right or left and losing momentum? Pull over to the pit, get refueled and get the pressure checked. What’s your dream? Take yourself back to the place where you get charged. Want to be a writer? Go to a conference. Want to act or paint or, or, or? Head to those places where you get refocused and re-pumped.

  • Be grateful. Prayers are uttered in each Furious movie. No matter what they have gone through, how much they have had to endure, they stop and give thanks. You’ve made it this far, be thankful.


BOTTOM LINE? Enjoy the journey. The greatest pleasures the characters in Fast and Furious get are from their rides. They don’t mind taking the hard curves, popping a wheelie, or going beyond the speed limit. Do the same with the dream and don’t give up on the drive of your lifetime.


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