#Selfie, noun: a picture that you take of yourself especially by using the camera on your smartphone.

It’s a whole new world of photography with our electronic gizmos. It used to be you would never have your picture taken unless you were looking your best. Photo shoots were meant for family mementos or as gifts for special occasions. You would primp and pose and hope for the perfect you. Now we take Instagram or Snapchats, add some animated hats or quirky facial features and the world gets to see us in our least attractive pose.


Then again, I have come to enjoy this new found photographic freedom…


There’s something to be said about spontaneous, quirky pics of ourselves, and with others. Seeing friends as they travel, to be a part of their world while they are on the move. It can be an awesome way to enjoy a moment in time and create new memories instantaneously.


The only caution is checking the motivation for our selfies. The word itself implies being self-centered. But God knows our hearts and those of others. We shouldn’t judge someone else’s motive for taking pictures, but we need to be aware of our own incentives for these shots—are we looking for kudos, focusing on ourselves or merely enjoying the experience?

Loving A Selfie
, is a novella based on the story of a self-serving woman who is determined to conquer the world. Shelley Auburn is the proverbial A-type personality. As the executive for Universal Station, a competitive website designed to take over every major worldwide web, her ambition and drive propels every decision. However, Shelley is interested in more than just being an executive for the company. She will stop at nothing to become the primary shareholder, and the best course of action is marrying the heir apparent, Patrick Malloy.


An unexpected trip to the company’s London office with John Cox, Universal Station’s spiritual advisor, turns out to be a major test of her will and heart. On Shelley’s return to America, an automobile accident along with a doctor’s frightening diagnosis put a halt to her ambitions. But are they enough to sway her life goals and dreams? Will Shelley marry Patrick for his wealth and finally have all she has strived for, or will the sudden changes in life’s circumstances open her eyes to a world of unimaginable love that plunge her headlong into its embrace?


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