The story has been told before. But it never, ever gets old…


Quietly he pulled the curtain aside, a deep blue tapestry filled with star-studded jewels. Peering into the dim-lit room, he noted the scarcity of furniture. In the corner sat a rough-hewed footstool, a bed, and a candle that burned atop a small table. The vapor of incense hung like willowy whiskers, the fragrance a calming balm.


She stood in the center of the room. Her shape, outlined by the flickering candlelight, cast a shadow that danced along the walls as if searching for a partner to reach out, grab her, and perform a pirouette across the floor.


Her dark, wavy hair cascaded down like an ebony waterfall in stark contrast to the pale coloring of her dress. Her delicate figure was still growing, maturing from its childish form. She was indeed becoming a beautiful woman, yet still had the delicate features of a child.




He knew instinctively what she looked like. When she saw him, he expected her deep, dark eyes to look at him wonderingly and for her porcelain face to shimmer like bronzed mother-of-pearl in the soft light.


He quietly recited the words, wanting to use the right inflection, the right amount of tenderness. Still, he paused and wondered how she would respond. He hoped that what he said would delight and excite her, yet could possibly frighten her instead.


He closed his eyes, whispered a silent prayer, and stepped into the room. Her life would indeed be changed forever. He spoke, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.”


A slight tremor rippled down Mary’s shoulders. Yet like a graceful swan gliding over a still-calm lake she turned and faced him. A puzzled look crossed her eyes and a slight nervous smile curled along her lips.


And Mary replied, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Luke 1:26-30


May the Unveiling of His Birth. Still. Take Your Breath Away.


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