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Even men read romance. Scroll below to view the video of one man’s opinion of a particular historic novel. Bear in mind, this man might be a bit prejudiced.


Every good read has a antagonist, a foe of devious character and unpredictable behavior. They want revenge, lash out at the innocent, and destroy the beautiful. Inspirational, historic romances are no exception in offering such individuals. The question is, can the evil deed-doer be redeemed?


Simeon Quire, “Bethel Manor Reborn,” is a treacherous person. But his contemptible acts take place in one of the most renown and lovely places in Great Britain. Ely.



Ely was an island for most of its history, until the marshy Fens around it were drained. The first known spiritual structure to be built was in 673 as an abbey. In 1083 construction of a cathedral began. Today the great cathedral is known as The Ship of the Fens.



Simeon works within the cathedral as the keeper of the records and steals from the church’s coffers. As well as a thief, he works out a scheme to ruin the Blackwell family and the beautiful Bethel Manor. Does he succeed? Read Bethel Manor Reborn and find out.


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